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Abasto is just a few minutes away from (el Centro) Buenos Aires, it is a smashing barrio, which is sadly overlooked by those who do not know amazing BAires.

The houses and apartments in this barrio are much better value than Palermo, Puerto Madero or Recoleta.  This barrio should not be discounted.  Click a look at some great value places to stay.

The Abasto de Buenos Aires is famous for being the central fruit and vegetable market from 1893 to 1984. As of 1999; it now serves as a shopping mall, Abasto Shopping.

It is also famous for being in the area where the tango singer Carlos Gardel, known as El Morocho del Abasto (the dark-haired guy from Abasto), lived for most of his life. Today, the surrounding area, though part of the Balvenero District, is sometimes referred to as Abasto. The Abasto shopping centre is served by the adjoining metro station Carlos Gardel, Line B subte (subway).

Abasto is one of best examples of mass multicultural settlement; in fact, it was one of Buenos Aires' designated places for immigration inflow during the 19th century.  The area still offers more than a historical glimpse of this mainly European melting pot.

It is full of avant garde theatres, antique bookstores, cultural centres, museums, handicraft fairs and shopping centres. For those interested in its history, it offers historical cafeterias, bars, parks and place to dance tango and milonga.

Every street and every building hide secrets or legends associated with tango and its famous figures, such as Carlos Gardel, Anibal Troilo, Astor Piazzolla and, we are reliably informed that even rock stars such as Luca Prodan cut-their-teeth in some of the sultry late night bars of Abasto.  Who knows, you may see a budding talent just awaiting discovery.

Among the architectural features in Balvanera is the neo-classical Congress building and the statue group in neighboring Plaza Congreso. The El Molino tea room is located across the street in a building that has seen numerous restorations since its heyday.

We recommend a stroll to cafe Los Angelitos in the corner of Rivadavia and Rincon.  In years gone by, it was a meeting place for poets and musicians. It facade is decorated with angels and it can certainly be described as one of Abasto's landmarks.

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