NFL Draft Resources

I dont know if Draftnik is a word, it isnt in Websters Dictionary, but if you search for the word in Google you will find hundreds of web pages that use the term. If you are reading this you probably already know what it means, but I will go ahead and give you my definition: A person that fanatically follows the NFLs annual Draft.

The biggest challenge for the Draftnik is finding accurate, original information early in the draft season. Most diehard draftniks already have a list of the potential pro prospects from the year before; many buy pre-season college football magazines or purchase subscriptions from the major Scouting Services like Ourlads.

But the best, cheapest and most easily accessible information these days comes from the internet. The problem is there are literally thousands of web sites that cover the draft, and to sift through them all is a tiring under taking.  I even wrote a blog article about it last month in the NFL Draft Site-Blog.

Probably one of the best ways to find quality NFL Draft Sites is to look onto some of the major sites links or resource pages. The best sites only link to quality, original content. When I built my Resource Page on NFL Draft, I had that it mind. My principal purpose was to provide for my viewers one place to go to find the best NFL Draft sites on the internet.

So if you are a Draftnik, send me an e-mail sometime with your thoughts on the draft, I can always use your input to make NFL Draft Dog better.

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