Titanium rings & jewelry increasing in popularity

When you think of Titanium you think of a metal used in industrial products (such as nails, valves), in aerospace and medicine. However recently titanium has been largely applied to jewelry for men and women.

There are many reasons titanium is now considered in jewelry applications, below is just to name a few:

-Titanium is inert- It is 100% hypoallergenic and it will never tarnish
-Titanium is extremely durable and strong - It has the highest strength to weight ratio than any other metal.
-Titanium is lightweight - Slightly heavier than aluminum but stronger than steel
-Titanium is fashionable - Provides the stylish rich grey tones of platinum at a much more attractive price

The list above points out why titanium is the fastest growing category in jewelry history. Without exception, titanium has dominated each and every market arena it has entered. From sports products like bicycles, tennis rackets, and golf clubs, to marine hardware, computer cases and jewelry, titanium symbolizes the new standard for excellence. Even the term “titanium” has come to represent the highest standard of excellence and quality. (For example: titanium credit cards.)

Since titanium has recently gained popularity in jewelry there are only a handful number of retailers selling them. One of the hottest online retailer is CKJewels who specializes in Titanium Rings and Titanium Jewelry. Ckjewels offers a wide range of stylish designs to capture the beauty of titanium.

Titanium is also widely becoming popular as bracelet jewelry. The shiny silver color and the un-tarnishing titanium material gives stainless steel a run for its money in most casual jewelry. CKJewels also carries a wide range of titanium bracelets in unique styles.

Titanium necklaces have also risen in popularity, with its lightweight, necklaces no longer need be a burden along your neck. Titanium necklaces are so lightweight that you won't feel the necklace being worn at all. Ckjewels.com offers modern and unique necklaces for sale.

So remember, when thinking of your next jewelry purchase don't limit yourself to gold, silver and platinum as your only choices, you can now consider Titanium in your purchases and you will certainly not regret it.

One of the hottest online retailer is CKJewels.com who specializes in Titanium Rings & Titanium Jewelry. Ckjewels.com offers a wide range of stylish designs to capture the beauty of titanium.

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