Cyber Cheating - Virtual Or Reality

Cyber Cheating - Virtual or Reality

Cyber cheating has been a weird ethical question in online behaviour for about a decade now. What constitutes as cheating, webcamming yourself to other people, hot flirty chat with someone outside your marriage.

Now there’s new dimensions to think of: Avatar relationships. Inside online multiplayer games such as Everquest many people have virtual hook ups. There are those who have virtual husbands, where they have married with attended online witnesses and whom the co-habit with in their online virtual properties. Yet these people are married in real life, sometimes the partners are aware of this online relationship, and do not care.

Psychologists have indicated that a combination of distance and pseudoanonymity over the internet tends to unlock peoples ids, this would explain all the flame wars, UPPER CASE SHOUTING, and the frivolous flirting in chat rooms. Is the new addiction to 3D avatars in games adding a dimension to this behaviour as people are then free to become psychoactively charged by their new virtual bodies and lifes.

Many of these avatars are quite hot and sexy and had potent resemblances to anime, so its not surprising to discover that online cheating in virtual worlds is hitting a boom and that not many to real life partners are thrilled about it.

You can actually pay to hire a virtual world detective to put a trial on your partner to find out if they are cheating or not, the detective can then take an incriminating screen shot and have the client teleported to their location to catch their partner in the act.

From how I see it, this is all escapism and is not always platonic, you have to be unhappy in your life and with your relationship to spend all your efforts online creating a different personaand lifestyle, and if you were not unhappy to begin with in real life I am sure you will become unhappy as it must put strain and doubt on your partner to not want to spend time with them, if this is the case them maybe you should not be in this relationship.

Or is it the fact that in this virtual world you can control everything around you, were as life is not always that simple or kind. If this is a scene you are thinking about getting into, with any addiction you should control it, not let it control you, remember fun is recreation not essential.

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Don’t hide behind a screen get out and enjoy life.

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