Benefits of Aromatherapy Massage with Essential Oils

Did you know that AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE is one of the best ways to reap the benefits of essential oils? Your body will absorb the essential oils applied to the skin, and through aromatherapy massage, you can deeply penetrate the muscles and relieve tension at the same time.


If you suffer from any of the following, you could benefit from Aromatherapy Massage treatments:

    • Stress
    • Tension
    • Anxiety
    • Depression or Sadness
    • Muscle Pain or Injury
    • Poor Circulation


The act of massage stimulates the body - it awakens the healing process by increasing white blood cell count, which in turn, helps to heal the body. By stimulating the muscles, the patient can become more relaxed, relieving stress, tension and anxiety, and bringing a new energy and sense of spirit. When aromatherapy essential oils are added to the massage, an entire world of healthful benefits can be introduced, furthering the body's own ability to heal.


What other benefits can be gained by massage?

Aromatherapy massage oils provide many benefits including nourishment of vitamins and minerals, as well as soothing and moisturizing the skin. Since Aromatherapy essential oils contain beneficial properties that have therapeutic uses, allowing them to be absorbed into the skin using carrier oils is not only desired, but also quite necessary. Massage oils used in the practice of aromatherapy are usually a vegetable or nut type oil, which is skin safe and moisturizing. Because aromatherapy massage oils are natural plant based products, they allow the skin to function, as it should, keeping the temperature regulated, sustaining moisture and elasticity, absorbing light, and providing oxygen to pass through to the skin.


In massage, carriers oils are used in an aromatherapy massage oil blend to evenly distribute the essences as well as lessening the chance of irritation or sensitization. An unscented massage oil base is created with a harmonious blend of SUNFLOWER OIL , APRICOT KERNEL OIL and SWEET ALMOND OIL. SUNFLOWER OIL contains naturally occurring Vitamin A and E. Vitamin A, also known as retinol, provides many benefits, as does vitamin E. Both vitamins neutralize free radicals. APRICOT KERNEL OIL is very high in vitamin A, fatty acids and minerals, and is a wonderful ingredient to remedy dry, acne prone and mature skin. And SWEET ALMOND OIL is a wonderfully rich, moisturizing, nourishing oil for all types of skin. All 3 oils spread easily, and the combination creates a very high quality massage oil product. Simply add your favorite essential oil and you have an effective Aromatherapy Massage Oil that you can apply in the comfort of your own home.



Visit our Massage and Carrier Oils web page to learn more about each natural carrier oil and how it can be combined with essential oils to create an effective aromatherapy massage treatment.


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