Does Aromatherapy Treat Illness?

Does Aromatherapy Treat Illness?


Many people wonder if aromatherapy can be helpful in treating emotional and physical ailments. I am here to tell you that it most certainly does. The practice of aromatherapy simply would not have been in existence for over 5,000 years if it did not provide health and wellbeing to those who use it.


Aromatherapy, as a holistic medicine, is both a preventive and active approach to treating and generating physical and emotional healing energy. Many properties of pure aromatherapy essential oils have deeply rooted histories of benefiting numerous psychological and physical afflictions. In fact, holistic practitioners believe in the powers of aromatherapy essential oils so strongly that they recommend many pure essential oils to aid in clearing energy centers (chakras). Many holistic professionals highly recommend Essential Oil Aromatherapies to clients and their pets, and most, if not all holistic professionals practice aromatherapy themselves.


The history and benefits of aromatherapies, utilizing pure essential oil, has been well documented in many aromatherapy books, articles, and aromatherapy medical publications, and has proven to be an effective method of treating various emotional and physical illnesses. The practice of utilizing aroma, through pure aromatherapy essential oil, to enhance feelings of well being can provide relief from stress, anger, frustration and depression, as well as cleans and tighten the skin, warm or cool the body, disinfect and clear the sinuses and refresh and inspire the soul.


Aromatherapy can help treat simple ailments such as headache, insect bites, skin disorders, sunburn, cough, and cold symptoms. Aromatherapy can also treat arthritis, anorexia, depression, muscle pain, and stiffness, PMS, IBS, sinusitis, kidney, and liver problems as well. The benefits of aromatherapy lie in the essential oils used and the method of application for each oil. Many times, the best use of oils is a topical application such as massage, hot or cold compress, or soak. Pure Essential oils can also be used in skin care products, body spray or relaxing or sensual baths. In addition, essential oils can be absorbed through the nose, by inhalation of the vapors directly from the bottle, through an aromatherapy diffuser, room spray, dissipation by a light bulb ring, or humidifier.


100% Pure essential oils are very powerful and beneficial, and when used with care, they can open you up to an entirely new world of healthy experiences. The quality of such oils is very important, and will dictate the amount of therapeutic benefit you will receive. It is in your best interest to obtain pure essential oils separately from carrier oils, so that you can control the amount of dilution that suites you best. The possibilities are endless.


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