Fly fishing-fishing-fly tying

When it becomes to salmonfishing you need to find the right fly to use. Im been doing flyfishing for 17 years and after my experience i recommend you to use red tube flyes whit silver and bronze silver on. Use this fly when its sunnshine on close to evning and you see the sun shines up on the river and the silver on fly is lighting. This is my best metod for catching the big salmon summer times. When you start casting be sure your line gose like an bow and not strait forward, remember the clue is to let the fly pass the salmons head.  To start on beginning on flyfishing, start whitout no hocks on cause it can be dangerouse for eyes and be carefull. Start on the grass in garden or a place whit long stretches whit no trees or traffic from cars, flyfishing can be very difficult in the beginning, but never give up!:) i also recommend you to watch video and learn step by step. Visit for more info.

Sindre is an authours on flyfishing