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Vacation Rental Owners: THREE Things You Must Do If You Want To Be Your Own Property Manager


THREE Things You Must Do

If You Want To be your own Property Manager

by Marian Morelli, Property Manager, Webmaster, Vacation Rental Owner -

You CAN be your own Property Manager if you have the right tools and contacts.

 1. Create Relationship with Local Professionals
    Creating Relationships with local professionals is crucial to your success. Join the local Chamber of Commerce, call chamber members and introduce yourself and ask how you can help each other succeed in your own business.

2. Networking with other Vacation Rental Owners in the local area.
    Visit Vacation Rental Websites and locate vacation rental owners in your same area. Email or call them. You can probably help each other in some way. Create a Yahoo Group only for vacation rental owners in the same area and communicate that way. Email the other vacation rental owners and let them know about the new Yahoo Group you have created. All of you can help each other in some way. Maybe another owner has an excellent electrician referral, or another owner can tell you where they find firewood at a lower cost, or can refer a really reputable hot tub repair company. You will be surprised as to just how helpful you can be to each other.

3. Interview and hire the best Cleaning Professional
    Your Cleaning Professional will be your eyes and ears when you are not able to be. The Cleaning Professional should communicate with you on how the guests treated your rental, what other items need to be taken care of, and answer other questions you have from far away.

    Wouldn't it be great if you were your own Property Manager and kept the 40% that a Property Management Company may have kept for doing the work that you could have done?

    My name is Marian and I am the Property Manager, Vacation Rental Owner & Webmaster of our Vacation Cabin Rental in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia.

    After living 10 hours & 650 miles from our vacation cabin rental, I became my own Property Manager. I take care of my own advertising, bookings & reservations for North Georgia Cabin Rental. I know the right people to call for mowing the lawn, replenishing the fire wood, grading our driveway and more. Now I receive the 40% Property Management Company would have received if they had been involved.

Marian - Owner, Webmaster & Property Manager -

Holly Pine Haven Vacation Cabin Rental -


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