Five Easy Ways to Avoid the Flu This Winter

Many people wonder how they can stay well

this winter, considering the onset of the flu season

and the fear of a possible influenza epidemic.

Fortunately, acupuncture and Oriental medicine

provide proven steps toward preventing illness

and maintaining good health in cold weather.


We hear about so many people catching the flu -

but in reality it is only a portion of those exposed

to a virus that get sick. Why? According to Oriental medicine's

teachings, our bodies get sick when we are in a

weakened state. It is only when our immune

systems are weakened and our bodies are out of

balance that we are vulnerable to sickness.


Acupuncture originated in China between

3,000 and 5,000 years ago. It corrects imbalances

in the body's energy systems that cause illness.

Practitioners of Oriental medicine identify Qi

(pronounced "chee") as the life giving energy

that needs to flow freely through the body for

good health. Integrated with a wise lifestyle,

Oriental medicine can help prevent illness.


Here are Five Tips for Avoiding Illness This Flu Season:


1. Exercise a little bit everyday. Exercise moves the

lymphatic system, thereby helping to detoxify the poisons

in your body.


2. Keep warm. Make sure your neck and chest are

protected from wind, drafts and cold.  Use a scarf

around your neck when going outside and wear turtle neck

shirts or sweaters. The neck is an area where wind

can invade the body and cause sickness. The Oriental

medical perspective is that wind invasions make people

more vulnerable to developing colds and flu.

Always keep your feet warm and dry.


3. Get adequate sleep and relaxation. Your body is                                                                                              

vulnerable to stress without enough rest. Think about

doing some deep breathing exercises to help relax and

unwind at the end of the day. Use stress-reduction

methods like Qi Gong meditation or yoga.


4. Eat smart. Avoid refined sugars (processed

food and baked goods, alcohol, etc.). A diet of

refined or simple carbohydrates (white sugar,

white bread) raises the body's Ph and allows

bacteria, mold, yeast and fungi to thrive. Simple carbohydrates

suck up the nutrition your body needs to

detoxify, nourish and build new cells and

antibodies. This makes you MORE susceptible to illness.

Vitalize your nutrition by eating more fresh, organic

foods and less processed food. This food has

more "Qi" in it.


5. Get Acupuncture. When you get regular

acupuncture treatments (as little as once per month)

it actually boosts your immune system. Acupuncture

strengthen the "Wei Qi" or the protective energy

that safeguards us against colds and flu.


Use these Five Tips for Avoiding Illness to keep your

body strong and healthy this winter. You

can resist illness, the flu or the common cold.



For more than 19 years Steven Sonmore helped

people transform their health problems into

solutions for attaining better health. Steven is

a licensed acupuncturist, Oriental bodywork

therapist and herbalist. He offers complete

health care with acupuncture, Chinese herbs,

nutritional counseling, Oriental massage, and

facial rejuvenation. He is licensed by the

Minnesota Board of Medical Practice and certified

by the National Certification Commission for

Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.

For more information visit or write to or call 612-866-4000.

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