School Fundraising with Name Labels.


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Washable STIKINS® labels are successfully used by many thousands of parents, and were developed by Label Planet in 2003. The labels are durable and easy for parents to use, and we provide an assortment of labels for different types of items.

STIKINS® self-adhesive nylon garment labels can be used in most garments instead of sew-in and iron-on name tags by attaching them to the wash care label. If  parents wish to put the labels elsewhere in the garment they can be trimmed and sewn in, the material does not tear or fray, and the adhesive makes sewing very easy.

 Older children can take responsibility for labelling their own clothes with this product.


 Label Planet has pre allocated unique reference numbers to 38,000 UK schools. Any orders placed by parents with a school reference number will trigger commission for the corresponding school. (For commission details see below).


           Full instructions and a re-order form are sent with every product.

We supply the labels in a range of 4 packs:

 PREMIUM PACK:      48 garment, 24 shoe, 48 micro, 72 silver.       Price £10.45

 STANDARD PACK:  24 garment, 12 shoe, 24 micro, 36 silver.        Price £6.45

 WHITE ASSORTED: 48 garment, 24 shoe , 48 micro.                     Price £7.95

 GENERAL PURPOSE SILVER: 72  silver.                                      Price £4.95

 All the above prices include Vat and UK Postage and packing and orders are normally despatched first class royal mail within 3 working days of receipt.



 The parents’ leaflets have been designed for photocopying, and have an order form on the back. Alternatively just call us and we will send you the leaflets you require.

 Higher parent response rates tend to occur when in the following circumstances: 

 [1] The label planet leaflet is sent out with a covering letter.

[2] The leaflets are sent out in the summer term, to new and existing parents.

[3] There is somebody from the PTA or school “championing” the project.

[4] For Bulk and Grouped orders, there is a short term deadline date.

[5] For smaller schools, leaflets are handed out by the PTA, at home time to parents.



 We have found that schools like to work in one of the following 3 ways:

 [1] Easy Orders

Simply send out the parents’ leaflets with your school’s reference number, and we will do everything else. Labels will be sent directly to the parents’ homes.

All orders placed, where your school’s number is quoted, will attract 10% commission (One payment in October). Orders can be placed by post, phone or via our web site.


[2] Grouped Orders

Collect the order forms from parents with their direct payments to Label Planet and send them in together. Labels will be sent to the school for distribution.

A commission of 15% applies for orders over £100, and your commission cheque will be sent with the order. (For orders less than £100 then commission is as per “Easy Orders” above).


[3] Bulk orders

For bulk school orders placed with a single school cheque to Label Planet.

Labels will be sent to the school for distribution

Bulk order forms are supplied for this purpose, or you can just send us the parent order forms.

Deduct your commission and send the net amount with your order to Label Planet Ltd.


Orders                   Up to £100                             10%

Orders                   £101 to £300                          15%

Orders                    £301 to £500                          20%       

Orders                    £501 plus                               25%

Parent’s leaflets can be used for easy, group or bulk orders. Just indicate on the order form section of the leaflet what parents need to do.

                                           PRODUCT DETAILS


These labels take seconds to apply to the wash care label (20mm to 30mm) in school garments. The construction of the labels provides good durability through the 40°c and 50°c wash process.


These labels will apply to shoes and bags of all types. They are also excellent for sandwich boxes and drinks bottles and are dishwasher- safe.


Useful for small items, e.g. pens, pencils, recorders, combs etc

 GENERAL LABELS (19mm x 42mm)

Attractive pearlescent silver polyester labels which are ideal for, sandwich boxes,  flasks, and general items. DISHWASHER SAFE but NOT FOR USE IN MICROWAVE OVENS.


                    LABEL PLANET LTD CONTACT DETAILS              

:         Label Planet Ltd, P.O. Box 354, Crewe, Cheshire, CW2 6ZW

Web Site:


Phone  :           01270-668076      fax  : 01270-666233

   We are always happy to help, just contact us for your information pack.

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