SalesLogix Design Audit and Prototype

SalesLogix Design Audit and Prototype

Before proceeding with a Design Audit, think about what you currently use as your database for storing leads, prospects, customers, opportunities, associated activities and history of interaction with them. Perhaps, Outlook, Excel, inferior CRM system, an old unsupported version of SalesLogix, or even paper?


At QI SalesLogix Professional Services we support all versions and make sure your other applications still work if your database becomes outdated. With a SalesLogix Design Audit (Express of On-Site) we take a look at your needs, what system you currently use, which one you need, and why you need it. If you do not yet have a CRM system but require one, QISYS has over 20 years of experience in the CRM market and will expertly advise you on the best system for you and its implementation to achieve better reports, pipeline visibility and ultimately a higher ROI.


Once your needs are clearly outlined through a formal business requirements process, we can work immediately with your team to implement your solution. Even if your needs are a bit more conceptual, Design Audit process will guide you through taking your vision to the next step.


A QI Design Audit and Prototype starts off with a discussion of your business objectives, key requirements, goals and direction, required fields you need in your CRM and workflow needs. QISYS will take a look at your existing systems structure and back-end integration needs. We then proceed with refining your system structure, infrastructure requirements, workflow, productivity, data conversion procedures and reporting tools. In addition, we come up with a screen design prototype, customized based on your business needs to ensure end-user adoption.


QI SalesLogix Professional Services offers two kinds of Design Audit:


Takes approximately 2 hours of your time and 8-10 hours of ours and includes:

  • Technical requirements
  • Data import strategy
  • Accounting and back-end integration review
  • Training plan
  • Security guidelines
  • Timelines and investment summary
  • Recommended steps


Takes approximately 2 days on-site and a week of our time off-site. It includes everything from Express Design Audit and the following:

  • Prototype customized database
  • Hardware compatibility check and detailed scoping
  • Back office integration review (ERP, Accounting, mainframe, etc.)
  • Schema with high level data import mapping (preserves your existing data)
  • Workflow processes for Sales, Marketing and Customer Service
  • Goals with measurable reporting requirements
  • Complete Rollout plan
  • Blueprint Report with accurate costs, timelines, and responsibilities

If you are still unsure whether you need a Design Audit, consider some of the reasons people have implemented successful Design Audits in the past:

  • The need for equipment and/or systems to be "fit for purpose" prior to purchasing
  • The need to identify potential risks and benefits
  • To maximize standardization across various product ranges
  • To update a product/service to reflect changing customer needs and advances in technology
  • To introduce new innovations and grow as a business
  • To achieve cost reductions, higher end user adoption, better reports, pipeline visibility and higher ROI

Your QISYS SalesLogix Design Audit connects you with an experienced Senior Systems Architect, who will create a clear road map for your business. Connected to our secure servers, you can then test-drive SalesLogix, review key differences, major enhancements, and the relations to your specific requirements. To start with your Design Audit contact QISYS SalesLogix at (416) 253-5555.