Campervan Rental In Australia

Australia really is a very big Country and probbaly the best way to see it's many faces is by hiring a Campervan opr motorhome. For the budget minded travellers Campervans and Motorhomes offer a very viable alternative to the hostel or dormitory lifestyle.


Prices in manmy main centres for a shared dormitory hostel bed are around the $27.00 per night per person. A budegt Camper wagon can be rented for $40.00 per day with all your camping gear included, unlimited kilometres and the stars can become your ceiling.


4 travellers can share a larger Campervan or Motorohome for still around the $20.00 per day per pwerson. That's still a saving of $7.00 each per day...So give Campervan or Motorhome rentals sosme consideration.


When pricing the rental rates of Campervans and Motorohomes the potential Renter is advised to don't just decide on the Daily Rental Rate offered by many companies. Sure prices will vary but be aware that many Rental Companies charge $5,000.00 + Security Bonds. hese Security Bonds can be reduced by payment of an additional daily premium (Sometimes $26.00 per day). Try to find companies that have low Security Excess/Bonds around the $1,000.00 region. This is far more reasonable on your pocket.



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