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A Beginner’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing

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Affiliate Marketing is rapidly becoming the most accepted form of work at home internet home business opportunity. The rewards offered and achievable are many with the main benefits being financial and time.


The financial rewards take the form of additional income, though in some cases this additional income soon becomes the primary income source. There are thousands of testimonials on the internet’ various websites stating how incomes have doubled, trebled and in a few cases gone “through the roof”, for those who have made the decision to become involved and have actively set about establishing a successful home based business.


The time rewards include, but are not limited to, being able to work the hours you want, when you want, having and spending time with your children and friends. Not being controlled by others who may not appreciate your skills and abilities. Indeed, when you work with a successful home buiness that you have set up and manage yourself, you see the results of your skills very promptly. 


What is Affiliate Marketing?

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It certainly is not new. In it’s original form it has been around for decades. It quite simply is the process whereby a Merchant or Store offers and pays commissions to some other party or individual for selling their products or directing people to purchase their products.


I personally use this form of Marketing with a “bricks and mortar” business I own in Cairns in the north east corner of Australia. The business is a Campervan and Motorhome (often called RV’s) Rental company and I offer commissions to various travel and tour booking companies for sending or directing people who want to rent a Campervan or Motorhome to my website or physical office. 


This is certainly not a SCAM.


It is a tried and true marketing practice utilized all over the world in a huge variety of industries.


The beauty of the internet when combined with Affiliate Marketing is that the market place becomes immense. Last year on the internet - 2006 - Affiliate Marketing became a fourteen billion dollar ($14,000,000,000.00) a year industry and that is all legal, legitimate and very very real.


The wonderful thing about internet based Affiliate Marketing is all you need to become a part of this mega industry – which is rapidly increasing in 2007 – is a computer, with internet access, at home and anything from a few hours per week to 30+ hours per week. The more effort you put in the more rewards you will return. Just like any other business.


How do I get started in Affiliate Marketing?

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There are two ways to get started. One is to set up your own website and find, by searching the internet, companies who offer affiliate programs. A second way, which is far easier, is to set up your own website and join an Affiliate management groups such as ClixGalore. These Affiliate Management Groups (AMG’s) have done all the work for you. You simply join them – this sets up your account – and then you select from their range of merchants, covering a wide range of categories, which merchant programs you would like to be affiliated with. The AMG send you a special code which you place into your website. This code uniquely identifies you as the Affiliate so when a visitor comes to your site and clicks on a particular merchant’s product or advert then you are credited with the lead or sale. PRESTO! You just made some income.


The above scenario is very simplified but nonetheless it clarifies the process of Affiliate Marketing.


Another scenario is to go ahead and set up your website if you do actually having something of your own to sell. You can still then join an AMG though this time you join them as a merchant and not as an Affiliate – though many people join as both. Then they (the AMG) will assist you in finding other people (websites) to act as sales staff for you and direct even more visitors to your site. In this scenario you can still be making Affiliate income recommending merchants with ‘related” products, additional income from selling your own product or service and additional sales from your Affiliates directing people to your site.


Maybe an example might clarify it for you?

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You have a great diet program you learned from your grandmother. You set a web page to sell this diet program. (Let us assume for ease that the diet program) is a written booklet or guide).


You join an AMG and join up with some clothing, healthfood, makeup and self help sites as an Affiliate. You create one page on your website for your product and an affiliate page for each of the categories above (ie: clothing, healthfoods etc).


Your next step is to now register with the AMG as a Merchant. The AMG then starts promoting your site to other Affiliates to join your Merchant program.


The end result of all this marketing is you have a profitable web site utilizing Affiliate Marketing strategies to the fullest. You may end up with over a thousand other websites directing visitors to your website where you sell not only your original diet book but you are also earning income from directing your visitors to other related products – as customers buy your diet book and put into practice, they slim, feel better and more self confident and then want to buy other products - new clothing – one or two sizes smaller than what they were wearing - or cosmetics to make themselves look and feel better.


The above is merely an example  of how an Affiliate program can develop, and although it is very briefly laid out above I am sure you should be able to see the concept of it at work.


A word of advice and recommendations

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If you are a newcomer to the internet and web sites then I very strongly suggest that you join a genuine, existing Internet home business program. Primarily because you will receive support and assistance and this is paramount to your success in the future. Some aspects of setting up a website and marketing it correctly are very important so you do really want to have that help available.


I strongly recommend three (3) very good programs, and these are listed below. Yes! They will cost you to join them – from $34.95AUD to $79.00AUD but having that online and readily available support is a must. The programs listed are not in any specific order.


*      Holly Mann's Affiliate Program

*      The Rich Pom Affiliate Program for Australians

*      The Best Home Business Resource and Support centre


Above all you must approach your work at home business seriously.


If you are thinking that you can just pay nothing, make a few mouse clicks and be on your way to big profits then I hate to disappoint you but that scenario just doesn’t exist anywhere on the internet.



© Will Stewart, 2006

The author owns 3 internet companies and has written many articles on work at home businesses, internet marketing and other tourism based articles.

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