Virginia Private Investigator Warns Public of Sex Offenders

As a Virginia private investigator I routinely access various statistics during my normal daily operations.  Some databases work better than others and not all of them are open to the general public.  There is an excellent resource online where anyone can check the status of registered sex offenders in your city.  Not only that but it shows you on a map - where you live and where they live.

During my formal education in Criminology and profiling it became a well established fact that deviant sexual behavior in criminals has one of the highest repeat offender statistics.  For this reason alone I strongly recommend that EVERYONE with children visit this web site and verify that the local sex offender doesn’t live next door to you!

The web site is and covers every state and every city.  GO THERE…PROTECT YOUR CHILDREN!

This notice provided as a courtesy by Mr. Edmister, a Virginia private investigator from