Picking the Right Colour for Website Design

Picking the Right Colour for Website Design

Believe it or not, colours are very important when building your website. Picking the wrong colour for your site, text, background, graphics etc can convey the wrong message, if only on a subliminal level. However, picking the RIGHT colour can further enhance your site, and make a visitor more receptive to your message.

Following are some basic colours and what their significance is from a psychological standpoint.

Love, passion, danger, warning, excitement, food, impulse, action, adventure, aggression.

Comfort, creativity, celebration, fun, youth, affordability, vibrancy, autumn.

Earth, nature, tribal, primitiveness, simplicity, stability.

Softness, sweetness, innocence, youthfulness, tenderness, feminitity.

Trustworthiness, success, seriousness, calmness, power, professionalism, intelligence, depression.

Royalty, justice, ambiguity, uncertainty, luxury, fantasy, dreams, spirituality.


Curiosity, playfulness, cheerfulness, amusement, construction, cowardice.

Money, nature, animals, health, healing, life, harmony, environment, jealousy, fertility, growth.


Neutralality, indifference, reserved.

Innocence, purity, cleanliness, simplicity, marriage.

Seriousness, darkness, mystery, secrecy, power, sophistication.

Keep in mind that there is no particular colour that will increase sales, however picking the WRONG colour may certainly harm them.

You should also (as much as possible) use "web safe colours". Not because, as in the "old days", graphics cards and computers have issues displaying the full compliment of colours, but because Macs and PCs display different colours - however they share the web safe colour palette.

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