Human kind has traditionally had an exceptionally strong bond towards animals. We’ve used them in commerce, relied on them in crisis and brought them into our hearts, homes and families.

It’s astounding then that some people can treat animals so badly and dump them with such a caviller attitude. Every year the RSPCA receives thousands on unwanted animals, each with their own story. And although they do their best to cope with the every increasing number of animals, they need our help to give these creatures hope.

If you’re considering buying a new pet, why not check out an RSPCA shelter first? The love of your life may not be a puppy or a kitten but a fully grown animal looking for a second chance. Don’t we all deserve a second chance?

The RSPCA also urges people to carefully consider the purchase of a pet. Pets are a life long commitment and require constant love, care, attention and maintenance. The RSPCA also urges people to think carefully before you buying a puppy or a kitten and asks that we all make responsible and fair decision about whether or not we’re really ready to become parents.

All cats and dogs from RSPCA shelters are vaccinated, wormed and of course, they come with microchips. So even if they’ve been lost once before, hopefully, they’ll never be lost again.

So consider giving an RSPCA animal a second chance and do you your bit to help all creatures great and small.

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