28 Signs of a Cheating Spouse

A virginia private investigator with over 26 years of experience has provided a list of “28 Signs of a Cheating Spouse”.  Some or all of these signs may exist but don’t use it as an exact checklist.  You intuition is the first alarm to sound off that something is not right in the relationship.  Once that alarm wakes you up it is time to examine the following 28 signs.

  1. Sudden change in work hours
  2. Leaving early for work
  3. Excessive use of internet and email
  4. Unaccountable hours or unexplained absences
  5. Acting restless at home
  6. Leaving home during an argument
  7. Additional mileage on the odometer
  8. Having new friends
  9. Smelling of perfume or alcohol
  10. Hiding the home telephone bill
  11. Hiding the cell phone bill
  12. Telling you that “it’s just your imagination”
  13. Receiving hang-up phone calls
  14. Receiving anonymous phone calls
  15. New clothes and a new image
  16. Suddenly interested in exercise
  17. No longer interested in sex
  18. New sexual techniques
  19. Finding birth control items or sexual enhancers (Viagra for ex)
  20. Finding hidden lingerie
  21. No longer wearing a wedding ring
  22. Unexplained purchases on credit card bill
  23. Taking business trips alone
  24. Acting too close to a best friend
  25. Saying, “I need space”
  26. Saying, “You should date other people”
  27. Saying, “Let’s separate”
  28. Saying, “we don’t need counseling”

Remember, this list is a collection of common signs.  Some people will have ALL the signs, some may only have one or two.  Usually, the more signs that you detect the more involved the spouse is with extra curricular activities.

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