Inspirational Internal Architecture

Inspirational Internal Architecture

Historic homes ooze character and charm and like a classic piece of furniture or a classic car the design definitely stands the test of time. We looked at four-bedroom house that was built in 1889 for the Mayor of Burwood in Sydney.

‘Garthowen’ has played home to eight previous owners and remains a superb example of architecture from the Victorian Era. There were some classic features of this beautiful house and you can achieve a similar style in your home with the help of Porta Mouldings.

The interiors of Victorian homes are characterised by high ceilings, elaborate cornices, finely detailed ceiling roses, intricate panel work and marble or timber fireplace surrounds. It’s these ornate finishes that give these homes an air of class and timeless elegance but with Porta Mouldings, you can replicate these stunning architectural finishes with new easy to install versions made from polyurethane.

The polyurethane ranges of mouldings are lightweight, durable and much easier to put up than the old heavy moulded plaster ones. You simply cut, screw and glue, just like wood. There are no mitre cuts involved, all you need to do is cut square cuts and it allows you to be creative without all the mess and the fuss.

Cornices complete the overall look of any room and add that finishing touch. They alleviate the need to finish off the junction between the wall and the ceiling. The Porta Mouldings polyurethane cornices are very easy to fit and look terrific. To install, locate the internal and external corners, mark where they sit, then measure the length for your cornice. Cut the two lengths of cornice and fix them to the wall with screws and glue. When working with polyurethane make sure you use the same safety measures as with wood. Once the cornice is fixed to the wall and the ceiling, cover the gaps with the mitre-less corners. The intermediate cap can add a bit of decoration or you can use it to cover a square cut join. Then fill the screw holes with spakfilla, sand and paint when dry.

If you’ve got pressed metal ceilings in your home then you’re very lucky. Panel moulds on the ceiling will take care of vast ceiling spaces and you can create a match for any other room in the house. Set out the distance of the panel mould from the cornice. Once again all you do is glue and screw to hold the moulding. You can also use the panel moulds on the wall to decorate a blank space. Pre-made mouldings are a faster and easier option.

A ceiling rose combined with the other décor can look amazing, and will keep with a particular period style home. The lightweight Porta Mouldings polyurethane ceiling roses go up in a flash, just add a bead of glue to the perimeter of the rose. Position it on the ceiling then fix it in place with a couple of screws. Any gaps around the moulding will need to be filled with non-shrinkage filler.

A niche on any wall can make a great focal point where you can showcase a favourite piece of pottery or plant. The best thing about niches is they’re so light and you don’t have to go recessing a hole in the wall. There are two different types and two different ways to fix it to the wall. One is to put a screw in to hang it off, or glue and screw it to the wall. When you’re using the one screw method, make sure you find a timber stud to screw into.

Skirting boards can compliment anything you chose to put on the floor from timber, tiles or carpet and when you’re selecting a skirting profile, make sure it’s as close to a match of the architrave profile as possible, otherwise the room can look too busy. Porta Mouldings have two different styles of skirting to help match your existing finish. Attaching them is very similar to putting up the cornices.

You can install all of these Porta Mouldings polyurethane products by yourself. All the mouldings are pre-primed ready to paint, stain, crackle or whatever finish you desire. They're durable and stable and won't expand or contract with temperature change. You can use them in bathrooms and kitchens as they're water, heat and termite resistant.”

So whether you’re working with a traditional old Victorian place or you’re starting from scratch there’s a wonderful range of timber and polyurethane mouldings available from Porta Mouldings to suit your needs, to get the job done quick and easy.

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