Garden Gadgets

Garden Gadgets

There are some great gadgets on the market now that can make your life in the garden easier, safer and much more enjoyable, as well as being a fun and easy way to add to your home improvements.

Now that pruning season is here why not invest in a pair of heavy duty loppers instead of secateurs to tackle those unruly shrubs and perennials? The longer handles and solid cogs give you much greater leverage, which will literally double your cutting power.

When it comes to pruning taller plants and trees, instead of balancing precariously on a ladder, save yourself the risk of injury by using a pole pruner. This is simply a long pole with the cutting attachment fitted to one end and operated from the ground – so no risk of falling from a great height! The telescopic ones extend to over 3.6m long and are lightweight and can safely prune branches that are 5m high. It also has a fruit picker attachment for fruit, which would normally be out of reach.

And not everything has to cost a fortune. A nifty little garden chair can be turned upside down and used to cushion your knees and only costs $12.95. The Barrow Buddy slips over the handles of any wheelbarrow and lets you store all your gardening essentials for less than $20.

A great water saving device is a hose nozzle with an automatic shut off button and adjustable spray dial, which costs between $10 and $30. And a deep root irrigator delivers water deep into the soil and helps prevent water loss from the topsoil for a fantastic price of just $49.95.

The last gadget may not be the cheapest, but it is the most fun! It’s a combination electric and 4-stroke petrol engine operated by remote control, so there’s no chance of breaking a sweat mowing your lawn!

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