Amazing Fresh Fruit

Amazing Fresh Fruit

Check out your local fruit store for a whole range of exotic fruits that are still relatively unknown – but they wont be unknown for long. Take avocado, for example – only in the last twenty years or so it’s become so popular. Here are some amazing types of fruit that we picked up from Tropical Fruit World on the Gold Coast.

Red Pitaya: These bizarre looking fruits actually belong to a climbing cactus native to Central America. They taste great with a bit of fresh lime squeezed over it, or, freeze it to make ice-cubes.

Soursop: Originally from the West Indies, this is a close relative of the custard apple. They can weigh up to 2kg each, and are commercially used to make soft drinks – however, they are great to eat fresh. Just make sure you cut it up outside. Just a tip – blend one cup of soursop flesh, with half a cup of ice, 30ml of coconut cream. Yum.

Chocolate Pudding Fruit: Sounds too good to be true, but it’s very real. The common name for the fruit is Black Sapote, and it tastes just like chocolate pudding. They’re about the size of a large apple, and are great as a natural chocolate substitute – blend it with a little cream and nuts, or even some Bailey’s for a great desert.

Mamey/Green Sapote: These fruits don’t look like much on the outside – brown, rough and very tough. But inside the flesh is bright orange with the texture of a ripe avocado. These are fantastic in smoothies, milkshakes and fresh eaten with ice-cream.

Jackfruit: These are the largest fruit in the world and grow to over a meter long, weighing up to 50kg! These are best tasting when they’re fully ripe, and if you want to get adventurous, deep fry the segments in sweet butter and serve with ice cream.

We’ve forgotten there’s a whole bizarre world of fruit out there – so test a few!

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