Holidays with Pets

Holidays with Pets

If you’ve ever owned a pet then you’ll know the heartbreak of leaving them behind when you go on holidays. But there are plenty of places out there that will pamper you and your pets, and plenty of information to help you plan your trip.

There are several steps you need to follow to make your pet holiday a memorable one.

Firstly, be prepared. Make sure your dog is registered with your local council and his tag has relevant information. Check with the council you are visiting and see where the leash free parks are. Also pack their favourite toy for comfort if they need it, and don’t forget the old pooper-scooper or litter tray. A quick checklist should include bedding, water and food bowls, food and collar and lead.

The next thing to remember is that driving long distances is difficult for pets.

You can restrain them with pet seat belts like the Back Seat Buddy and cat baskets, but most importantly don’t feed your pets for a few hours before heading off to avoid accidents!

And lastly, your accommodation. As we are one of the highest pet owning nations per capita in the world we are lucky enough to have a fantastic selection of holiday destinations to choose from where we know our pets will be catered for as well

It couldn’t be easier. Check out the holidays for pet's books or the Life Be In it directories for cats and dogs.

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