Before Purchasing A Used Car…

Consumer Tips: Before Purchasing A Used Car

Be aware of the following:

  • Inspect the car in daylight and good weather. Bring someone you trust along to help you make a thorough appraisal;

  • Don't expect perfection in a used car. Compromise on minor problems you can fix yourself, but don't overlook serious defects;

  • Make safety a major priority. Older vehicles may not be equipped with airbags, child safety seats, seat belts, anti-lock brakes or security systems. Determine your locality's vehicle safety requirements for cars, mini-vans, recreational and sport-utility vehicles and other vehicles before you buy;

  • Road test before you commit to buy. If you are not allowed to test drive the car, do not buy it.

  • Have a mechanic you know and trust inspect the car thoroughly before you purchase it. Again, if the seller will not allow you to have the car inspected, do not buy it.

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