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February Twenty-Ninth


The Day of Eternal Youth



Born on this day: Anne Lee (British-born American founder of Shakers: New Hampshire community, revered furniture makers, Spartan lifestyle, sex prohibited, finally died out). Gioacchino Rosssini (Italian overture, opera composer. The Barber of Seville, William Tell- wrote forty operas in fifteen years, retired at age thirty-two). Morarji Desai (Indian prime minister, imprisoned Mahatma Gandi disciple). Balthus (Polish-French self-taught painter of adolescent girls). Jimmy Dorsey (jazz clarinetist, saxophonist, bandleader). Dinah Shore (singer, film actress, TV host, overcame polio). John Holland (Irish American submarine inventor). William Wellman (film director, The Public Enemy, The Story of GI Joe, producer). Vladimir Kryuchkov (Russian Army, KGB Officer, failed in coup against Gorbachev, tried, acquitted). George Seferis (Greek Nobel Prize-winning poet). Henri “Pocket Rocket” Richard (hockey player. Maurice’s brother, played on more Stanley Cup winning teams than anyone- eleven). Liu Shaotang (Chinese writer, Bean Shed, Melon Hut, Drizzle). Michelle Morgan (film actress). Richie Cole (jazz alto saxophonist). Jiro Akagawa (Japanese novelist, Chizuko’s Younger Sister). Teofilo Sison (statesman). Jack R. Lousma (US astronaut). Gretchen Christopher (singer). Edward Cave (British 18th c. printer). James Mitchell (film actor).



W e can say with some certainty that there are far fewer February 29 people than those born on any other day.  Moreover, were we to determine our age by counting up our birthdays, those born on February 29 would also be far younger than anyone else.  Twenty would be a ripe old age for someone born on this day. Consequently, it could be said that February 29 people are forever young.


Of course February 29 is a unique day, for it was created artificially to try to make up for the fact that our year is really a few hours longer than 365 days.  This 366th day was brought into existence by Julius Caesar, who decreed that it occur only once every four years.  However, in the time of Pope Gregory it was discovered that one day every four years is in fact a bit too much, so only one in four century years (2000, but not 1700, 1800 or 1900) is given the extra day.


Those born on February 29 do carry an unmistakably youthful air.  They seem, like a cat, to have nine lives, and are able to slip out of dangerous predicaments repeatedly.  They are survivors whose deeds could almost be taken as a confirmation of their unusual birthdate.  Indeed, February 29 people tend to be rather peculiar, a fact they know full well.  From the earliest times they realize they are unusual because their apprehension of the world often seems at odds with the consensus.  In the same way that for them their true birthday is a rarefied event and thus special, they tend to see the specialness in aspects of life that others would take for granted.  At their best they are thus childlike, holding dear the simple joys- at their worst, childish, and somewhat needy.


Those born on this day are generally not the types to flamboyantly display their uniqueness to the world, but more often than not make a strong attempt to be even more normal than the average person.  Thus, they generally gravitate to work that deals with human concerns and the problems of everyday life, rather than seeking far-out professions.  Often, their highly active fantasy and imagination finds its expression at home rather than in society at large.


February 29 people must not abandon their individuality or iron out too many of their idiosyncrasies in a quest for normality.  It may be desirable for them to give up those habits which cut them off from others in a social sense, but should those differences be integral to their talents or an essential part of who they are, “improving” or “adjusting” could be just code words for repressing.


Many born on February 29 have a tendency to overcompensate for real or imagined deficiencies.  Those who do so through an ambitious pursuit of success are, of course, at risk of succumbing to worldly temptations.  On the other hand, those who withdraw can become hyper-romantic idealists who, wary of revealing themselves, come to live in a secretive fantasy world.  February 29 people should strive to avoid such extremes of thought and behavior, and seek a middle path of moderation.


Numbers and Planets


Those born on the 29th of the month are ruled by the number 2 (2 +9=11, 1 +1=2), and by the Moon.  Those ruled by number 2 often make good co-workers and partners, rather than leaders.  Such qualities help February 29 people fit in as team players but may also act as a brake on individual initiative and action.  The Moon’s strongly reflective and passive tendencies underline the above-mentioned points.  A strong connection between the Moon and Neptune (ruler of Pisces) can indicate high romanticism and idealism but perhaps a deficit in logical thought.  February 29 people must be particularly watchful for illusions, particularly of their own making.




The 2nd card of the Major Arcana is the Priestess, seated on her thrown, calm and impenetrable.  She is a spirited woman who reveals hidden forces and secrets, empowering those of us who heed her with that knowledge.  Favorable qualities of this card are silence, intuition, reserve and discretion; negative values are secretiveness, mistrust, indifference and inertia.  The positive traits embodied by the Priestess can be well emulated by February 29 people.




Those born on February 29 are generally blessed with good health.  Yet they may take the whole matter of health a bit too seriously.  They should avoid new fad cures and diets, and depend on tried-and-true-approaches.  Developing culinary skills comes naturally to most born on this day, and so does enjoying the fruits of their labors; however, those born on this day should try to exercise some restraint where indulging their appetite is concerned.  Plenty of rest will be important to calm the active nervous system of February 29 people.  Daily naps may be beneficial when they do not cause sleeplessness at night.  As far as exercise is concerned, February 29 people should seek out moderately competitive or social sports, if possible.  Dancing is particularly recommended.




Find a balance between your individual and social selves.  Develop a quiet self-confidence.  Beware of adhering too much to external values.  Bring your fantasy out in the world and share it with others.




Less is often more

















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