Non-Conforming Loans

Non-Conforming Loans


When you mention "Non-conforming" lending, most people think of credit problems. However, there are many other different non-conforming loans. Generally, non-conforming simply means that you are unable to obtain credit from traditional lenders.

Credit Issues - including defaults on your credit history and even bankruptcy issues.
Behind in your loan repayments - You will have difficulty obtaining additional loans if you are already behind in your existing loan.

Self Employed for less than 2 years - there are lenders who understand that you can be successful even if you haven't been self employed for 2 years

Unable to substantiate your income - There are many reasons why people are unable to substantiate their income. Please call us if you fall into this category.

Large Low Doc loans - Low doc up to 90%

Part Time, Casual or Contract workers - not everyone has the traditional income streams that regular lenders require before they will give you a loan.

New Arrivals in Australia -

Workers over the age of 55

Poor Savings History

If you are having difficulty obtaining credit through traditional channels, please call us today to see what we can do for you.


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