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We can bring you the most comprehensive panel of lenders available in Sydney.

Many lenders have a range of interest rate discounts that they don't advertise and don't offer you unless you know what to ask for. And the qualifying rules vary greatly. We can show you a range of different discounted products from a wide variety of lenders in a very short time.

By calling The Mortgage Bureau you can compare a wide range of lenders without the hassle of phoning every bank yourself.

The first question everyone asks is "what is your interest rate". After talking to us they come away with a great rate as well as knowledge on how to set up their loans correctly. You will always be better informed after talking to The Mortgage Bureau.

First Home Buyers

We have a number of products available for First Home Buyers. However, to qualify for the best rate you will need to have an established savings record over the past six months.

Even you are are not ready to buy your first home yet, it is important to call us now so are a fully aware of what the lenders will be looking for when you do apply down the track.

For anyone currently in the market for their first home we have the following products available:

100% Home Loans - Combined with the First Home Owners grant and no stamp duty, this product allows you to get into with market with very little cash of your own.

106% Home Loans - Allows you to borrow the full amount of the purchase PLUS enough to cover Stamp Duty and other expenses.

Non-Genuine Savings - For anyone who has a deposit from a source other than their own savings...for example a gift from their parents.

Standard Loans - For people with a reasonable sized deposit and a solid savings history.

FHOG - We will take care of all the paper work and running around involved with the First Home Owners Grant to save you having any issues with your application.

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