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Recently Bruce Gow was a guest speaker at Search Engine Bootcamp. Check out the link for details of the next SEO Advanced Courses.

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"We are the No.1 ranking pest control company in Google AND Yahoo! with the terms 'Pest Control Sydney', 'Pest Control Australia' and hundreds of other keyword searches in all major search engines. We now absolutely dominate the pest control industry. Bruce is our biggest online asset."
Richard Sapsford Best Pest Control

"With around a $1,000 per month budget, we turned over many, many times that amount. That's what I call a great R.O.I."
Christian Christiansen - Sydney Multimedia Company

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Q. Search engine marketing, search engine optimization, web site optimisation or internet marketing. What do these terms mean and why are they vital for any firm in Australia with a web site?

A. They are all forms of internet advertising and like traditional advertising, you need to adopt an internet marketing strategy to successfully gather internet leads for your firm. Confused about the terminology? This is a relatively new industry, so I've included a few broad S.E.O. company definitions:

S.E.O. Definitions
(Sourced From Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia)

Search Engine Marketing
In Internet marketing, search engine marketing, or SEM, is a set of marketing methods to increase the visibility of a web site in search engine results pages (SERPs). The three main methods are:

1. Search engine optimisation, or improving rankings for relevant keywords in search results by rectifying the website structure, and content such that they could be easily read and understood by the search engine's software programs. It is seen that website containing the latest trends and updates are first available to the visitor.

2. Search engine advertising, or paying the search engine company for a guaranteed high ranking or an ad displayed aside the results (commonly known as pay per click (P.P.C.) advertising).

3. Paid inclusion, or paying the search engine company for a guarantee that the website is included in their natural search index.

Search engine marketers are experts who explore weaknesses and strengths to find the best ways to promote a particular web site in search engines.

Internet Marketing
Internet marketing is the use of the Internet to advertise and sell goods and services. Internet Marketing includes pay per click or PPC advertising, banner ads, e-mail marketing, search engine marketing (including search engine optimisation), and article marketing.

For more definitions, please go to our Australian S.E.O. Marketing Online Dictionary

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In Australia, online purchasing is already up 33% in 2006 and online advertising is expected to grow more than 30% this year.

This website is dedicated to Google tips for S.E.O. (search engine optimization, or optimisation) and Google page ranking, techniques, tricks, hints, tips or whatever you need to get the best possible exposure for your website.

Q 1. How do you perform the online marketing of my website?
A: We begin by analyzing your website and your products and services. We also look at your previous efforts of performing search engine optimization (also called "search engine optimisation" in Australia).

Q 2 What are my chances of getting good rankings for keywords and phrases?
A: A detailed analysis of competing websites is performed after using your chosen keywords. We look at the number of pages returned in the results pages, number of links from other websites and the Google page rank. That way, we can determine which key words and phrases are beatable in the short term, and the ones to avoid as they are too difficult at present. It is best to start with easier words and 3-4 word phrases at the start, as in "bank finance investment project" and "Liverpool Real Estate", rather than trying for one and two word keywords e.g. "Finance" or "Real Estate."

Q 3 Which are the best keywords to use?
A: Its no use trying to get ranked for keywords that aren't being searched for. On the other hand, if people are actively searching for products and services you are providing, then your main focus should be making sure you are easy to find on the internet for those products and services. We research the available data about which keyword phrases are being searched for in your industry. We then report to you the phrases your customers and potential customers are using when they look for products and services related to your business and wait for your instructions. For more Internet Marketing F.A.Q.s, please go to SEM FAQ

We can bid for your top terms in "Pay for Click" (P.P.C.) sponsored programmes such as Google Adwords and Overture, using techniques that find the most valuable keywords for you at the lowest possible price. These programmes are able to get you listings quickly for your important keywords, and are based on bidding on popular search terms, according to the highest bidder and how popular the ad is. We always give you the best opportunity for creating high rankings within your website using proven, ethical means such as building keyword rich content and linking strategies.

Q. 4 How Effective is Internet Marketing?

A: A web site optimisation firm implementing an effective internet marketing strategy provides one of the best returns on investment in comparison to most other forms of marketing. This can be seen in the latest Australian Bureau of Verification Services (A.B.V.S.) figures, which show online as the fastest growing media sector and paid search the fastest growing of the online categories. According to it's latest survey, the online market grew more than six times faster than the overall ad market. Latest News! Sydney, September 5, 2005 – Growth in the online advertising sector, shows the market has grown 61.3 percent for the year to June 2005, with a lift in total sector spending to $620 million!!  Yet it's much, much more cost effective than Yellow Pages, TV, radio or newspapers!

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