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by Bruce Gow

Creating articles for syndication, then submitting them is an excellent way to gain business leads and visibility for your website. This type of networking has several advantages and benefits:

  1. Very economical advertising to millions of people
  2. People that like the article will most likely link to your site, giving more “votes” to search engines increasing link popularity
  3. Establishes the site owner as an authority on the subject.
  4. You can add the article to your site and optimise it as yet another opportunity to be found.
    - Google and other SE’s are always looking for fresh relevant content. Once you add the article to a new page it increases the depth and relevance of your site to popular keywords and phrases,
  5. You can add AdSense code to the page and further monetize your site.
  6. Increases search engine optimisation, also known as S.E.O., or search engine optimization
  7. This type of internet marketing is by far the most effective form of advertising compared to almost all other forms of advertising

When writing your article you should write about something in which you are passionate about about and have in-depth knowledge and that people would be interested to read about. Once you’ve written your article you can then submit it to other websites who then decide whether to publish your article on their website. The reason companies might want to show your article are numerous, firstly they are continually adding new content to their sites which the search engines love, and also if they are providing new content their readers will keep returning to keep up with any new developments.

Why Write Articles?
So why spend hours writing an article for other people? Well, a number of reasons: if you provide some very useful content then you as a person will become revered to as an expert in your particular field. As a result people will respect your opinions and feel compelled to try you product or service. You can place a link in your article, so every website that publishes your article will also provide a link to your website. Some websites might even pay you if they publish your article.

I recently wrote an article on termite control in Sydney and called it "Termites - How To Stop Problem Jobs Becoming Nightmares."  Here is the link: - It shot the first page on Google within 2 weeks!  This was for the term "Termite Control Sydney," which is a very important phrase for the owner of the site.  This won't work for everyone for all articles, of course.  However it does show that the small effort it takes to write and submit the article is worthwhile and works in terms of visibility.

 What Should I Write About?
Your article can be anything related to your business, or topic or your website, but you must make sure it’s worthy of being published. If you write an article on a topic that has been covered many times before, or that is general knowledge then other websites will be reluctant to pick-up your article. So write about some new developments that have occurred which people will be interested to read about.  It also helps if you are controversial with punchy headlines, give great usefulness to the readers or contradict an authority in your field of expertise.  Make sure that you back it up with facts and correct references! 

Distributing Your Article
So now you’ve written your article, you need a method of distributing your article so that other websites will pick up your article and publish it on their website. There are a number of services that will distribute your article for you.  I have added their Google PageRank [PR] current at 11/4/2006.

GoArticles - [PR 6]
ArticleCity - [PR 6]
Article Depot - [PR 5]
Articles Factory - [PR 5]

Or you can submit your article to websites yourself. Below is a list of websites that accept article submissions. Obviously not all sites will pertain to your field so it will still take a little work to create YOUR list, but below is a list of some of the websites which accept article submissions: -  [PR 2]  [PR 5]  [PR 5] [PR 3]  [PR 4]  [PR 7] [PR 4]  [PR 3]  [PR 3]  [PR 3]  [PR 3]  [PR 3]  [PR 6]  [PR 5]  [PR 3]  [PR 4]  [PR 3]  [PR 4]  [PR 5]  [PR 3]  [PR 5]  [PR 3]  [PR 7]  [PR 4]  [PR 5]  [PR 5]  [PR 5]  [PR 3]  [PR 4]  [PR 4]  [PR 5]  [PR 5]  [PR 4]  [PR 4]  [PR 5]  [PR 5]  [PR 5]  [PR 5]  [PR 4]  [PR 5]  [PR 7]  [PR 5]  [PR 3]  [PR 4] [PR 2]  [PR 5]  [PR 4]  [PR 7]  [PR 5]  [PR 5]  [PR 5]  [PR 4]  [PR 5]  [PR 6]  [PR 6]

So what are you waiting for?  Start writing and submitting articles for fun and profit! 

Disadvantages of Article Submission

Its boring and time consuming!

If you want me to do it for you, send me the article and I'll submit it to over 500 article submission, journalist and media sites for a measly $47 per article, or I'll create the article, you edit, and I'll submit it to the article sites and a TON of Ezines for only $97!

To summarize, when you submit an article, here's what happens . . .

1. The submission site posts your article into a relevant category best suited to your subject matter so those looking for specific information can find it easily.

2. People looking for content about your specific subject matter may want to use your article on their site.

3. When someone uses your article they must leave your website link intact on their site to avoid copyright infringement.

4. The end result is that your link is on a site that's content is relevant to yours, thus increasing your site's popularity ranking

5. REAL journalists and local media outlets like newspapers, magazines, radio or TV might like your article so much that they'll contact you for an interview!

Contact me today at to launch your article to success.  I offer a 100% no questions asked refund if your website doesn't improve its visibility dramatically or I don't deliver on anything I've promised or outlined above.

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