How to protect your blue chip investment or tips on how to preserve your premium denim collection

How to protect your Blue chip investment (Tips on how to care for your luxury jeans.)


Every time you spend money adding to that jean wardrobe to keep it new, fresh and hip you should think of it as not just a purchase and since the average cost of jeans is now ranging from 200.00 to 600.00 dollars it is now an investment on your part. But no matter what the brand Antik denim, Frankie B, True Religion, Seven’s, Citizen’s of Humanity or any of the other countless designer brands you should learn how to properly care for that investment.


Lets discuss some rather important features that will determine the proper procedure.


Are your jeans pre-faded do you want to sustain the current wash or color of your pants?

This is usually”Dry” denim you want to avoid the fading as much possible.


Are they fitted or do you feel that they could shrink a little and fit even better?

Most jeans are cotton blends so that old adage of trying to shrink them one size in the wash is old and out of date. Most people buy fitted jeans so they should already fit tight and with the new stretch fabrics woven in the denim the jeans give just enough to put them back on without having to inhale first.


Okay that said lets look at the different options.


Never wash your jeans, except for removing stains. Yes this is true and one company (Nudie) in particular has gone so far as recommending  to avoid washing their jeans all together, keep them dry in an unwashed state as much as possible. They claim the longer you wear them the more personalized they become, you create your own creases, folds in the pants and the jeans look and feel better with age. 


 Dry Clean: This avoids water fading the pants and wearing the fabric as dry cleaning is a dry chemical process and does not create friction. It will prolong the life of those distressed or destroyed pants pre-faded jeans or embellished with jewelry fashion jeans.


Professional laundering: This is usually also done by the dry cleaners.


Wash them yourself: This is where you have the most control of how your jeans wear and fade. Only wash when they are dirty as denim is a sturdy fabric and each wash will begin to wear the fabric.


1.)    Always turn your pants inside out

2.)    Wash in cold water and separate them from the rest of your colored clothes. The water should be at 60 degrees to avoid fading process as much as possible.

3.)    Add a full cup of distilled white vinegar to a medium load to reduce fading.

4.)    Don’t dry your jeans fully in the dryer remove after they are still damp and air dry them on a hanger making sure that they hanging full length from the bottom to reduce them from developing creases or wrinkles.

5.)    Avoid ironing.