Addicted to fashion

As a store proprietor for a Trendy boutique I want to tell you a story as to how people get " Addicted to Fashion"<!--[if !supportEmptyParas]--

It all starts out so innocently.

You buy your first pair of “Four-star” jeans there was never really any cause or need to own a pair

before you were always happy with those old "Two-star" jeans, they always seem to work fine for

 everyday life. But now things are different you are up and coming in life, setting the world on fire

both socially and in you’re career you have you’re finger on the trigger and you’re not afraid to pull

it. Now let me drop the scenario. It's Friday night it's girl’s night out, time to paint the town red and let your hair down. So you look around at the wardrobe and the first thing that pops out is the

"Four-star “jeans. You grab them, put them on and proceed to step out for the night. Every body

comments on how great you look, funny you feel different too; you' are that girl that everyone is talking about. Hmm you let the moment pass and soon the night is over. You've gotten a small

sample of what these "Four star" jeans can do in your life.

It’s Saturday night dinner party with friends same dilemma what to wear, hey how about those "Four star" jeans. You think " This is a different crowd and nobody will notice that I wore them the night before''.  On they go again, they drape the figure of your body just like they were made especially for you as you put them on you could swear you heard angels sing, a man outside gave money to a homeless person, world peace and starvation were solved, all was right in the world. (Well maybe not, but all was right in “ Your World”.) What it is with these jeans, they are starting to take a hold of you. First it was just for special occasions then it was because you had nothing else to wear, but honestly you look like a post card. Now what’s nice about these Four-star jeans is that you make a statement without having to shout hey look at me over here with my six -star jeans the one’s that cost one-week’s paycheck. Really, nobody likes a show- off.

Well after about a month of enduring with only one pair you give in. 

And this is were I step in…

You walk into our boutique I show you our selection and you decide to buy one more pair. I smile I

know you'll be back soon for another pair because you've realized the power of the fashion and it's

a matter of time before you need you're next fix. It’s no longer “ I can’t afford them, It’s I can’t

afford not to have them.”


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Have to go now I need to ring up another pair of "Four -Star” jeans.

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