Look Ten years younger

Okay first this article is not about diet, vitamins, skin care or new medical procedures, you don’t have to change your lifestyle or make any sacrifices to make you look younger.

I’m talking about a new change in your wardrobe a mental rejuvenation of sorts.


So now that we have clarified that up lets discuss exactly what I’m talking about.

Vintage T-shirts, yes we have seen many celebrities wearing them and although this is not a new trend it is a growing trend amongst the masses.


There are two T-shirt companies that come to mind who have done a very good job in capitalizing on our nostalgia for the past. Reliving our carefree days of youth by branding our favorite T-shirt and loudly pronouncing on it AC/DC or Doors, Kiss or many other bands of Seventies or eighties.  But what makes these vintage Tee’s different is that Trunk the company is an authentic license holder for the rock apparel and it is placing those original silk screen print designs from your favorite bands of days gone by on today’s distressed or worn cotton, or cotton blend. This actually makes it look and feel like it’s been around for twenty years.

The other company that I would like to mention plays on emotion and not fabric.

Worn free company has combined photography, fashion and rock history for their fully licensed line. Motifs based on iconic musicians each T-shirt tells a story of not only who wore it but when and where. 

So the key thing is that we romance about the past longing to bring it back, perhaps; a special moment in time or a historic event or just a memory of a significant event in our own lives.


But this shift in mental attitude is not cheap. T-shirts can range from 40.00 to 80.00 dollars and the long sleeve baseball type shirts or hooded jackets run even higher, Denim jackets with designs on the back start at 175.00 and up.


So what have we learned?

Fashion is and always has been about attitude so if you feel like being carefree and youthful again why not put on that favorite worn out T-shirt, oh yeah that’s right that got thrown away after you graduated college and became a responsible adult, no problem go out and purchase a vintage T, it’s a small price to pay to at least feel younger.



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