Robot Wars!

With modern production and packaging systems becoming ever faster and more efficient, the need for effective end of line palletising solutions is becoming a necessity. Coupled with health and safety legislation and labour problems more and more people are looking for automated solutions to overcome these issues.

Palletising machines have been around for many years from simple semi-manual machines to complex high-speed fully automated systems. In recent years robotic systems have risen to the fore, mainly due to their reliability and versatility in virtually all market sectors.

The first Pacepacker palletising machines were simple, hydraulically operated systems which lifted and "tipped" sacks onto a pallet. This unique and innovative design proved revolutionary and even today, 25 years on, many of these machines are still in day-to-day use.

Building on this success, Pacepacker introduced the F1 Palletiser in 1992. Using the latest speed control and touch-screen technology available, this "layer" type palletising system proved an instant hit and is still a best seller in certain market sectors.

By 1997 Pacepacker recognised that robotic systems were essential for future growth and so set up an alliance with Fanuc UK. Fanuc are a global leader in robotic technology and produce class leading palletising robots.

Pacepacker Robotic Palletising Systems have been designed around the Fanuc robot and provide unrivalled performance in terms of speed, reliability, versatility and value.

To provide an effective robotic system it is necessary to combine the specialist skills of mechanical and electrical design, as well as high-level software and control systems technology. Pacepacker Services have all this along with a quarter of a century of experience in the design, manufacture and installation of palletising systems.

With over 60 robotic systems installed around the UK and overseas, Pacepacker have built up an enormous amount of expertise in this specialised field. Coupled with our already extensive knowledge of palletising applications and machinery we can supply genuine solutions for virtually any palletising application.