Christmas Music: New Christmas Releases

Sting and Bob Dylan are currently leading the charge in 2009 with bestselling Christmas albums, but there are others in the on the act too.  In this article, we will take a look at the new Christmas albums that you may want to add to your collection this Holiday season.

Currently sitting atop the bestseller list is Bob Dylan's "Christmas in the Heart".  This is Bob Dylan's first Christmas album and features his unique voice and style singing many Christmas classics including "Little Drummer Boy" and "Hark the Herald Angels Sing".  As always with Bob Dylan, the reviews have been mixed; some loved this album and others disliked his performances.  Chances are that if you like Bob Dylan you will be a fan of this album.  And, if you buy it, you will be doing a good deed as all proceeds are donated to Feeding America, an organization dedicated to providing food to the hungry.

Nipping at the heels of Bob Dylan for the top spot will be Sting.  Released on October 26th, Sting's Christmas offering is entitled "If on a Winter's Night...".   Many will buy this album because Sting is one of the greatest musicians of our generation.  However, they need to know what to expect.  This is not an album filled with classic Christmas treasures.  Rather, Sting goes out on a creative limb with his fellow musicians and creates a more artistic Christmas album.  Like Dylan's offering, many people will buy this one because of the name and about half of them will not like the artistry of it.

David Archuleta, of American Idol fame, has put out a Christmas album entitled "Christmas from the Heart".  Though the title is like that of Bob Dylan's album, the albums are entirely different.  If you are an Idol fan, you know David and you know his voice.  The songs, and the voice, are classic.  This certainly will be one of the Bestselling Christmas Albums in 2009.

One album that I am really looking forward to this Holiday season comes from Neil Diamond and is entitled "A Cherry Cherry Christmas".  Released on October 13, this album contains the Christmas classics.  I particularly enjoyed Neil's version of "Joy to the World".  It has the power and joy of "Coming to America" and makes my list for one of the Top Christmas Songs this season.

With his smooth voice, look for Barry Manilow's album to do well this Christmas season.  His album, entitled "In the Swing of Christmas", was recently released in October and features both old and new Christmas songs.  Barry Manilow is known for his enthusiastic performances and he does not let us down with this album.  All fans of Barry will enjoy it.

Probably the sentimental favorite this year comes from the Jackson 5.  Their album, named the "Ultimate Christmas Collection" contains 21 songs from the Jacksons, both old and new.  This album features a limited release Michael Jackson song called "Little Christmas Tree" that will tempt many this Holiday Season.

These are just a few of the albums available this season.  From Melissa Etheridge to Olivia Newton-John, many of the stars are coming out with Christmas albums that you may enjoy.

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