Christmas 2009 - NEW Lampe Berger Lamps - 3 NEW Fragrances

Christmas 2009 - NEW Lampe Berger Lamps - 3 NEW Fragrances

Lampe Berger's New Antibacterial:

Lampe Berger's New Orange Blossom - A sophisticated blend of soft Mediterranean Orange Blossom with a fresh top note, already a popular fragrance combination for both the home and designer Perfume market.
Also the NEW White Musk - Soft and velvety notes of Musk, a combination of florals with a warm woody note. The fragrance is instantly recognisable and exactly what you would expect when hearing 'White Musk'.

NEW Lamps 'Stries', 'Milk' & The New Discovery Kit

3 New Designs - 5 New Lamps
Discovery Kit - Limited Edition Trapezoid - shaped lamp in translucent glass of a Frosted effect. Including - 4 x 180ml Fragrance * Summer Rain, Netural. Lavander & Ocean Breeze

Stries - the NEW and exciting addition to the Lampe Berger range of glass lamps is an extremely generous 450ml capacity lamp, with circular ribbed design, both clear and frosted. Price £42 - including FREE starter sample fragrance*
Milk - Coloured lacquered glass 'milk bottles' of a retro desin, available in black or white. Price £36 - again including the FREE starter sample fragrance*

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