Be Individual, Be Yourself!

Men, sport your earrings with unshakeable confidence - those are the words of men echoed from both sides of the Atlantic this season, including some high profile celebrities such as Jeremy Wariner and David Beckham.

Mens earrings are fast becoming a truly liberating accessory, a unique expression of identity, style and independence. It's not the physical pain of getting their ears pierced that has held some men back but the confidence to break out and wear an earring.

Left Ear, Right Ear or Both?

These days there’s no hard and fast rule to how men choose to wear their earrings. The old saying ‘left ear right, right ear wrong’ is no longer valid. Simply be yourself and wear what feels comfortable, whether that’s a hoop earring in the cartilage of your upper ear, or a pair of mens stud earrings or huggies in your left and right lobes.

Mens Earrings Style - Autumn/Winter 2007

Autumn/Winter 2007 Menswear collections see the return of tonal colours, black on black and shades of grey from ear to toe. New collections of mens earrings reflects this style, with modern, sleek earring designs in titanium and sterling silver, combined with black diamond and cubic zirconia stones.

Sensitive Skin

Choose earrings for men that are made from the highest quality sterling silver and titanium. Titanium is considered to be the safest metal available for men with sensitive skin because of its hypoallergenic properties, which makes it an ideal metal for mens earrings.

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