Men's Jewellery - New Era or Simply A Fad?

Men's Jewellery - New Era or Simply A Fad?


Men's jewellery is not simply about cuff links and tie tacks anymore.  Men’s jewellery has even moved beyond the “diamonds-in-both-ears bling lovers” stage, and has entered into a new fashion arena, one established on chic, trendy sophistication and style.  Men's jewellery can be understated and masculine: today’s current jewellery trends for men are embracing the idea of practicality and functionality as well as attractiveness.


Jewellery designers that know what men want to express through the fashions they wear are creating men’s jewellery. Today’s designs are seeing an evolution from a focus on function to a focus on both function and style.  Designers of men’s jewellery are finally expanding what they have to offer, superseding their original concept of men’s jewellery and opening the market to fantastic jewellery productions.  For example, while a man’s cufflink set has always been primarily a jewellery item of function, Denison Boston, cufflink architects based in Brighton, UK, is creating cufflinks that are trendy and stylish as well.  Plus, fans of men’s jewellery were pleased to discover that Denson Boston decided to expand their line to include bangles, rings, and other fine pieces of men’s jewellery.


Men’s jewellery has undergone and evolution and today’s jewellery architects are seeking alternatives in terms of design.  Men are no longer overly concerned with understated jewellery and wearing only small or tiny diamond studs in one or both ears. Men’s jewellery is being defined by the wearer’s personality and preference instead of being defined by society.  A man does not need to feel that his masculinity is threatened if he wears today’s jewellery styles – jewellery has finally evolved into a tremendous fashion accessory for men.  Men are no longer seen wearing jewellery only on special occasions – today’s jewellery has been improved and enhanced for everyday wear.


An evolution has occurred in terms of the material in which men’s jewellery is being fashioned: formerly made of gold and silver, today’s designs now include titanium, stainless steel, rubber, and zinc alloy in their formation.  Titanium, stainless steel, zinc alloy, and rubber are materials commonly found in sporting equipment like golf clubs and tennis rackets and they are used because of their resilience.  Not only are such materials considered masculine, but also they are of high quality and durable, allowing men to use and where jewellery pieces while playing sports or working.


Industry insiders have witnessed the increase in Men’s jewellery sales and have estimate the industry growth to be at an astounding 20 percent. The growth is undoubtedly due to the expansion in the type of jewellery men can wear.  The design of men’s cufflinks has expanded to include semi-precious and precious gemstones, Diamonds, Sapphires, and even include the ever-popular Swarovski Crystal.  Men’s bangles have been altered to include leather, sterling silver, wood, topaz, and stainless steel.  Further, men’s neckwear remains a boundless fashion: one that includes a number of different materials in its formation; men’s neckwear can include leather, sterling silver, stainless steel, and titanium.  Plus, men’s neckwear can include or exclude pendants, depending solely on the wearer’s preference.  Finally, both men’s earrings and men’s rings have undergone the same evolution as other men’s jewellery, the styles and designs available today give the male jewellery wearer much to choose from.


Today’s jewellery fashions for men are completely sophisticated and there are plenty of subtle choices for men interested in today’s jewellery fashions.  Sport’s players, musicians, and actors are all donning the latest in men’s jewellery and wearing such pieces with pride and confidence.  Celebrities are wearing men’s jewellery fashions while they are in the public eye, and many men in incredibly prestigious positions wear jewellery to express their individuality and personality.


 When it comes to men’s jewellery, the jewellery industry has entered into a new era and transcended the day of the common jewellery fad: men are wearing an assortment of jewellery with tremendous confidence.  Men’s jewellery allows men to make a statement, one that expresses sophistication, style and even prestige.  In fact, famous male sports players are even wearing men’s jewellery. Andrew “Freddie” Flintoff, a cricketer for Lancashire and England has been seen sporting men’s jewellery including a chain link bangle and necklace. Also, male musicians are also donning the latest in men’s jewellery fashions; for example, Richard McNamara the guitarist from the popular UK band Embrace has been occasionally photographed with a men’s bangle on.


Clearly today’s jewellery has evolved far past the stage of being a fad.  Men’s jewellery is available in an array of materials, and styles, giving men the opportunity to express their personality via the jewellery they choose to wear.  Necklaces, bangles, rings, cufflinks, and earrings are all available in different styles so that men can choose the most impressive pieces to add to their growing jewellery collections.  Today, men’s jewellery is viewed as a modern accessory for the truly modern male.





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