Sports Arbitrage Trading Review

A review of Sports Arbitrage Trading the online sports betting opportunity where you can secure a risk free profit by placing a combination of bets using different online bookmakers and betting exchanges. This article covers both the upsides of sports arbitrage as well as the downsides you may encounter.

I am often asked about Sports Arbitrage Trading and in theory you can make money from it however in reality it does prevent some problems.

If you have located an arb opportunity on Football for example Chelsea v Man Utd you would.

  • Back the Home win with Bookmaker A 
  • Back the Draw with Bookmaker B
  • Back the Away win with Bookmaker C

Obviously out of these 3 bets 2 will lose but the profit from your 1 winning bet will cover the loss from your 2 losing bets and leave you with an overall tax free profit.

There are three ways you can approach Sports Arbitrage Trading.

  1. Subscribe to an arb alerts service where you are notified by text message and/or email of arb opportunities that exist
  2. Search and find the arbs yourself
  3. Buy specialist software which scans the net to find arb opportunities


The main drawback of sports arbitrage is that although these arbs do exist they do not stay around for very long and you do have to be quick to profit from them.

Sports arbitrage trading does sound good on paper but there are downsides to it from my experience after you have received the alert (even if you have acted upon it immediately) and logged into the necessary betting exchange or bookmaker accounts the odds will have changed and the arb opportunity has gone.

You can try locating your own arb opportunities via odds comparison sites although you will still have the aforementioned problem where the arb does not hang around for too long.

If you do manage to successfully carry out an arb then hope and pray the profit ends up with a UK or Ireland bookmaker or exchange as a lot of the arbs tend to feature at least one and often two foreign/european bookmakers/exchanges and while they make it easy for you to open an account with them and deposit funds withdrawing any winnings sometimes involves a lengthy drawn out process where you have to provide proof of ID and you may have issues with foreign sportsbooks where they actually want you to send in your original passport or credit card (photocopies not acceptable) which many people are understandably reluctant to do.

Another drawback is maintaining all of your bookmaker accounts firstly by having a certain amount of funds in each of the accounts and secondly you should be aware that if you do not use your account for a while then the next time you log in you may find that your account balance is £0.00 when it should not be purely because you have logged in to your account for a while.

If you are thinking of trying sports arbitrage I would recommend trying to use only UK bookmakers and exchanges although the profit margins will not be as big as they would if you used foreign bookmakers at least you can have a degree of confidence that you will actually get your hands on any winnings.

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