Golf Investment Engine (GIE)

Among the plethora of sports betting systems that are available today some do stand out from the crowd for their uniqueness and the golf investment engine is one such system having undoubtedly stood the test of time.

The golf investment engine is a powerful piece of software that is able to accurately calculate the true probability of one player beating another over a round of professional golf.

Its database contains an archive of the past performances of all players on the European and PGA tours on each golf course. It also contains the best odds offered by all bookmakers over the past five years, and the players' performances against those odds. Golf is a unique sport in that a player actually plays against the course rather than against his opponent.

The golf investment engine uses sophisticated algorithms to work out what the true probability (in other words the true odds) of any player beating any other player should be. It will then search for bookmakers offering sufficiently higher odds to generate a healthy profit margin. By only investing on instances where the odds are higher than they should be, you are mathematically guaranteed to make a profit over time. These instances are known as investment prices. The golf betting market is a worldwide multi-million pound industry with tournaments all year round and almost all bookmakers offer odds on all the major tournaments this gives the GIE plenty of opportunities to seek out investment prices.

The reason the golf investment engine is so successful is because you are only placing bets when the odds on a certain player to win a round of golf is higher than that player's statistical probability of winning so, the GIE is mathematically certain over time to make a consistent profit.

The golf investment engine was relaunched in July 2006 with a brand new staking system in place and after feedback from customers GIE now only uses four bookmakers for customer’s ease of use. In the first three months after its relaunch the GIE has delivered an incredible 46% return on investment amounting to a growth of 4,625 GBP outperforming high interest savings accounts, ISA's, the stock market and property furthermore these results have been independently verified so you can be sure that they are genuine.

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If the prospect of earning huge amounts of tax free golf winnings from a proven golf betting system is not enough the team at golf investment engine have also negotiated for its customers 100s of pounds worth of free bets with online bookmakers.

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