Sous Chef

So you’ve been working in a busy, high volume kitchen for what seems like an eternity – you feel that you are the most talented cook on the line and think that you are beyond ready to step up and take more responsibility, that you are ready to run a busy kitchen as sous chef – the question is, how do you make that transition happen?

If you’ve been on the line in an exceedingly busy kitchen for more than a year (preferably a few years) you probably have enough experience to move up to the next level, but there is more than just experience required to be a top caliber sous chef.

Being a successful sous chef requires knowledge and the ability to lead – if you don’t have at least some education from a good culinary school it may be tough to land a sous chef position in a high profile restaurant or resort, even if you have half a dozen years experience on the line. Five star restaurants and resorts are looking for someone that they have complete confidence in when looking for a sous chef, before considering you they’ll want to feel confident that they can leave their prestigious kitchen in your hands – that means you’ll have to be able to plan and exciting and healthy menu that will please even the most picky members of the regular clientele; that you’ll be able to properly budget the necessary items to appear on the menu (as well as the time of the staff) so that the establishment remains profitable, and that you’ll have the leadership abilities, passion for food and talent to oversee the preparation of every item on the exciting menu that you’ve put together.

If you don’t have any culinary schooling and are planning to become a sous chef you’ll probably want to register at the university for some classes, and not just cooking classes either, business and ethics classes will also help you with gaining employment.

If you’ve got the experience, the education, the attitude and the necessary passion for food that still doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be able to walk right into a five star restaurant and take over the kitchen. There are high profile restaurants all over the UK that are looking for integral members of the staff at all times, in part because this type of work isn’t easy, running a kitchen in a busy established restaurant is an incredibly difficult position – even in a restaurant that is actively seeking a sous chef you’ll have to impress with your talent, your attitude and your passion in order to procure a job as a sous chef.

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