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Becoming a sous chef is an excellent and potentially very lucrative career choice, but it’s not a position that you can walk right into without the proper experience and training. A sous chef at an established restaurant or hotel can easily earn in excess of twenty thousand pounds sterling and a junior sous chef in can take home fifteen to twenty thousand pounds sterling while getting valuable experience in the right place.

Becoming a sous chef requires education in culinary technique as well as nutrition and financing because as a sous chef you’ll be working directly under and executive chef and your responsibilities could include helping to plan the menu as well as helping with the restaurant’s budget. Sous chef is one of the most important positions in any restaurant – it’s a position filled with many responsibilities, many of which will determine the success of the restaurant. No restaurant can be successful without a menu loaded with exciting options that are all cooked as close to perfection as possible on every occasion that the kitchen is open – as a sous chef it may fall upon your shoulders to plan that menu and execute the food to perfection.

If you’ve been to culinary school and finished the program with success that may still not be enough to land a sous chef position in an established restaurant, you’ll also likely need to pay your dues and get some experience working as a line cook in a busy kitchen. The pressure of working the line in a busy kitchen is second only to the pressure of being responsible for that kitchen, so the experience that you’ll get working as a line cook is essential to your success as a sous, and eventually possibly an executive, chef. Busy kitchens are hot, loud and hectic and you need to have a lot of experience in that type of environment in order to be a successful sous chef.

There are sous chef jobs available all over the UK for the right candidates – if you have the proper education, the kitchen experience and the unbridled enthusiasm for food necessary to cut it in this high pressure field then there is almost no limit to what you might be able to achieve in the culinary world. The UK is home to some of the finest restaurants and resorts in the world, by starting on the line in one of these restaurants and working long and hard hours you could work your way up through the ranks of junior sous and eventually sous chef and have yourself a wonderful and profitable career in a field that you are truly passionate about.

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