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There are agencies out there that specifically deal with the recruitment of chefs and can either help a chef put in there resume to a restaurant, ship or some other organization or help the organization find the chef or chefs that they need. For example there is the Chef International Agency in New York, New York. They can help chefs that are just coming into the country and looking for work from other foreign lands or help someone from the United States be able to travel abroad in order to find work as a chef. That particular agency opens up a lot of different doors for chefs. Not only do they have a lot of job listings and connections that very well may lead to jobs, but they are jobs that are excellent to have in regards to a competitive wage scale.

There are also online agencies such as Chef Crossing which allows private employers to post jobs for chefs that meet the specifications of what they need. You have to sign up at Chef Crossing. This is not a public job posting board, it is only meant for those people who sign up for the service. They also post articles highlighting the different companies that may be hiring somewhere near you. They have quite an extensive archive of articles. Some of the articles may be helpful, while others tend to truly stray off the subject that a chef recruitment agency should be focused upon.

Temporary Chefs is another online resource for chefs who need an agency to link them to temporary events such as corporate lunches or board meetings. This is not the type of agency that would give anyone involved permanent work. This is the type of agency that is good for chefs who are looking for seasonal or maybe just a brief stint as an organic chef in order to broaden their experiences/horizons. The more experience you get the more likely you are to get hired for the next job that appeals to you through one of these agencies.

Sometimes organizations that don't sound like they would lead you down the right path as far as recruitment agencies go often do end up being quality agencies to research. For example Labor Finders International has plenty of chef jobs noted in their listings. Labor Finders International has their main office in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. You just have to know where to look for recruitment agencies and sometimes that tends to take a little extra in depth research.

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