Ecotourism, Responsible Travel in Tanzania, Africa

ESSENCE OF ECO-TOURISM AND AGRO –TOURISM IN THE WORLD ARE AS FOLLOWS; Ecotourism is also known as Responsible Travel by most people. With the increasing Environmental degradation and Global Warming effects, Eco & Agro Tourism have attracted more attention to the Environmentalists, Conservationists, Nature Explores, Travelers, Tourists and most people. This has call attention of all people and the Agro Tourism and Eco Tourism becomes the Golden cake. People have realized the disadvantage ubiquitous Tourism. (i) Agro and Eco Tourism are closely related. Agro Tourism is when a native person or local of the area offers tours to their Agriculture project to allow a person to view them growing, harvesting, and processing locally grown foods, such as coconuts, pineapple, sugar cane, corn, coffee, bananas and can opt to apply its utility or any produce the person would not encounter in their home country. Often the farmers would provide a home-stay opportunity and education. The essential benefit is for the local people, not tour operators or hotels. How this is possible? The Tour Operators/Hotel should employ or utilize local Tour Guides of the area, the communities are the one who manages the attractive site with the Central or local Government. This will enable entrance fees to benefit the local people and Government too for sustainable development. The Community concerned specializes in Agro-Tour packages for Farmers, Researchers, Students and Manufacturers of agricultural products and service providers planning to visit East Africa. Destinations Link Services offers holiday packages which are fulfilling in that one enjoys looking at what others are doing outside of ones owns environment and shares ideas and expertise with new people. It exposes one to different agro-activities and enriches one’s imagination with industry and business opportunities. People need to earn money to live and support their family, but often this is at the cost of the environment and the planet. Agro Tourism and Eco-tourism are alternatives to such harmful practices as slash and burn farming, dynamite fishing, destruction of rain forest or primary growth jungle and trees. Eco Tourism is a "responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people." This means that those who implement and participate in ecotourism activities should follow the following principles: • Minimize impact • Build environmental and cultural awareness and respect • Provide positive experiences for both visitors and hosts • Provide direct financial benefits for conservation • Provide financial benefits and empowerment for local people • Raise sensitivity to host countries' political, environmental, and social climate • Support international human rights and labor agreements The concept of ecotourism holidays emerged from the nature based holiday market over the past 20 years or so. Thoughtful nature lovers and tour companies became concerned to ensure that their holidays were not putting environments and species at risk. A question of the not killing the goose that lays the golden egg really. Over time a greater emphasis was placed on the impacts of tourism on local people as well as environments and species. While this was in part an overdue recognition of tourisms impacts on local communities it also acknowledged that the survival of habitats and species is mostly in local peoples hands, and that they need to be able to derive real benefits from their environments if they are to be conserved. (ii) Eco –Tourism and Agro- Tourism and its application to real life. This is a Unique Safari prepared to people who come from highly industrialized countries and big Cities in the World. The aim is to treat their mind properly hence they can have fully relaxation. The Program needs well trained guides to do this unubiquitous holiday fulfilling picnic trip! When you come to Africa, especially in Tanzania, take time to pursue Agro- Tourism. The tourists go to very Natural Areas, where Agricultural activities are practiced. -The Arabica Coffee Plantations – in Arusha and Kilimanjaro Regions. In East Africa, an Example of Lodge inside a Big trees and Coffee Plantations Where the Visitors can get natural air, view the Coffee Cultivations Steps and taste the coffee is; - Robusta Coffee Plantations- in Kagera and Mara Regions. - Flower Plantations – Different species and varieties of flowers can be seen from Endemic flowers to Exotic species. - Cultural Tourism Expeditions- Explore the diverse culture of Tanzania. - Ngorongoro Highlands trekking with donkeys and Camel with a view of Wildlife. -The Ecotourism is best practiced in protected areas like Natural Forests, Game Reserves and National Parks where Communities are close. I said communities to be close so that the visitor can explore, interact and even assimilate the diversity of enchanting Cultural Heritage especially in Africa. Communities are the one which will narrate to you the history of the Geographical features, ecosystem, climate/weather, Biodiversity and essence of the place - Agro tourism and Eco tourism Researchers and Students achieve their goals. Escape from Modern Civililization World, Sky Scrapers and Industrialized arena. Escape from the polluted air and come to Bush areas for pure Oxygen (air) and get real relaxation. Get memorable photos/films about next kins of Human being, Chimpanzees, baboons and Monkeys. Advice from the Author, Travelers should now adopt and go for Agro and Eco –Tourism now. It is a good idea to add value to your common Safari trip to Africa. And mostly this Agro –and Eco Tourism costs less than half of the single entrance fee for one day. Surprisingly this Agro –Tourism and Eco Tourism is more with aesthetic and intrinsic value nowadays than other Tour Packages. Try it today and explain the benefits to your lovely ones!

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