ClickN Kids - Advanced Phonics and Spelling Programs

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ClickN Kids - Advanced Phonics and Spelling Programs

Simulates a live classroom with guided instruction by nationally recognized education professor Complete Pre-K to 5th grade learn to read and spelling curriculums built into easy to use products Guaranteed to work for beginning, struggling and learning disabled children, teenagers and adults Easily accessible to everyone in the world with a simple login ID on our web site Student works entirely on their own patiently guided by the on screen instructor Convenient and comprehensive progress reports that also show you any lessons to repeat Research based curriculums, meet school requirements and directly align with core curriculums ClickN KIDS are the best reading and spelling programs and children love them! Best Software Online software: more reliable, easier to use and far superior than CD Products! You can earn more cash back from us than you paid when you refer your friends!

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ClickN READ Phonics teaches the entire kindergarten to 3rd grade phonics curriculum taught at USA public schools through 100 interactive cartoon animated online phonics lessons. Children learn English correctly in a phonics game-like environment that is great fun and easy to use.

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